... started playing the piano at the age of 5.  Her musical history includes playing flute and recorder in the Scratch and Gutter Barn Dance Band during the 1980s. Ruth has been playing accordion since 2007.  This stems from a touring holiday in Italy when the itinerary included a visit to Castelfidardo near Ancona, the home to a great many accordion makers, on a mission to buy a melodeon for husband Mike.  A few happy hours later we left Giustozzi'sworkshop with a six week wait for an order for a melodeon - and a large box containing a 72 bass piano accordion.  (Tip: If you think that buying an accordion when on holiday is a good idea, make sure that the purchase is made at the end of your holiday ...!) While she still has the 2-reeded Giustozzi and plays it regularly, she usually plays a 72 bass 4-reeded Victoria accordion with the No. 1 Ladies Accordion Orchestra.  As well as her involvement in the No 1 LAO, Ruth also plays accordion for French dance (mainly at Dansez Francais in Brighton) and for her local women's Morris side 'Cuckoo's Nest'. Ruth lives in Brighton with her family and a dog of mixed origin called Barney, and next to some very tolerant neighbours who have never complained - even once - about the sounds of accordion music coming through the walls.