13th - 15th November 2015

Bridgwater Arts Centre in Somerset was the setting for our final concert of the year and what a fantastic reception we had. We shared the concert with the Bridgwater Community Choir, conducted by our very own bass accordionist Bernie, and they did a wonderful first set, with songs of all genres and from all over the world. This put the audience in just the right mood for plenty of tea and cakes in the interval – courtesy of the Ladies, plus a very good raffle which was organised by the choir.
We did the second half of the concert and were delighted – and maybe a bit nervous too! – to find that the No.1 LAO founder, Karen Tweed, without whom we would never have all got together, was in the audience! So we were determined to put on a really good performance for her. Being the second concert we had done in just a few weeks we were all much more relaxed and it showed! We even managed to smile whist playing and were able to tear our eyes away from the music and look at Jane. Bernie was fully recovered and wowed everyone with her bass playing. It was just a fantastic atmosphere and the audience were brilliant – rocking along with us at the end.
So, despite the awful weather, we had a brilliant weekend. We were all staying at Jacky’s and her hospitality, as always, was fantastic. No need to say that the catering was also of the highest quality.  Unfortunately the weather was so bad that we weren’t able to get out for our usual walk but made up for it by just playing more music!

So that is it for 2015. We will be meeting up in January to practise some new repertoire and will also be joined by three new members which will be great. We have concerts already organised for March, May and October with others yet to be confirmed, so hopefully we should be playing in an area near you next year. So come and join us!