Rushton 8-10th September 2017

Just back from our second rehearsal weekend of 2017 which was held in
Rushton in Northamptonshire, thanks to Frances yet again for all her organisational efforts.

It was great to welcome two potential new members – Lynn and Lesley-Ann –
who seemed to settle in really well and truly gave it their all! Hopefully they
enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed having them there! The weekend was purely a rehearsal weekend and Jane brought along more lovely new repertoire to work on. By the end of Sunday my brain was certainly beginning to shout for mercy but it had been a lovely weekend of music. Some brave ladies even took on the rather unpredictable weather to go for a walk on Saturday afternoon.

It was good to be back together again after such a long break, although some of the ladies had been over to Gill’s during the summer and been impressed and amazed by her lovely new house – complete with hot tub, which soon became a favourite watering hole in more ways than one!

Saturday night was spent organising a list of tunes for the session which we will be leading in Liverpool next month – the perfect excuse for everyone to relax and air their favourite tunes and learn a few new ones too.

We still have two more full weekends coming up this year – one in Liverpool in October and then another in Portsmouth in November so we hope to see some of you there. Details of the concerts we will be playing can be found on the website and you can follow us on Facebook too.