Chirk 27-29th September 2019

After a long summer break the orchestra met up again for a weekend of
rehearsal in Chirk Bunkhouse.
Friday evening saw us rehearsing, after a delicious evening meal, until about
10.45pm! Jane had circulated the dots for 4 new pieces for our repertoire and
we were all keen to try them out together.
Saturday dawned bright and sunny and, as we were all staying in the same
accommodation, we were up and ready to begin again at 9am – something of a
record for us! The day starts with Debi, who very kindly warms us up each day
with specially selected exercises to counteract the effects of too much sitting
and playing the accordion! Janet (percussion of every imaginable sort and a huge
asset) was with us again and Beryl also joined us for the first time and was
totally thrown in at the deep end with the Firsts!
The weather was so lovely that we took time out after lunch to go out and had a
delightful walk along the Llangollen canal and over the Chirk viaduct, with
entertainment provided by a long boat which was (with difficulty) trying to
navigate the entrance to the tunnel immediately after the viaduct. We were
sufficiently refreshed after this to be able to continue our intensive
The Saturday evening was very different from usual. One of our lovely ladies,
Lynn, died on the 23 rd August after a very short illness. It was Lynn who had
organised the weekend for us, as she lived in the area, and so we wanted to have
a special evening to remember her by. She also belonged to an accordion band in
Church Stretton and several of their members came along to join us for a
buffet supper. It was a fabulous evening, the No1 Ladies played some of Lynn’s
favourite tunes, the accordion band members joined us to play some of their
medleys that Lynne had particularly liked, and then the band played some of
their own tunes. It was a time for memories, for talking together about her, and
we will miss her hugely – she was an exceptional and lovely lady. We were
especially pleased that Roger, Lynn’s husband, and other members of the family
were able to join us for the evening.

Sunday morning we had an early start again with rehearsals all day until 3.30pm.
We have a lovely new set of Scottish tunes ready now for the concert in
Edinburgh, and we are all very excited about what will eventually be the new
encore in the concerts next year. Bottoms will be moving and that is the only
clue you are getting!
Our next weekend will be a concert in November in Edinburgh, followed by
another at the end of November with concerts in Malvern and Upton on Severn.
So we have a very busy Autumn to look forward to!!