Caernarfon 21st-22nd May 2022

Finally recovered from a full on extended weekend in Wales! We had two concerts, the first on the Saturday night after a day of rehearsal. The hall was huge!! But the staff there very kindly arranged it as cabaret seating and we eschewed the stage in favour of setting up on the floor of the hall too. The audience may not have been huge, but they were so enthusiastic and appreciative – lots of positive feedback and an invitation to return – it was a pleasure to play for them all. We had a sweepstake prior to the doors opening on how many would come – won by Karen!! Big thank you to Jayne and her staff for all their help.

Sunday we went to the Old Court House in Caernarfon in the morning and set up on the stage so that we could have a short rehearsal. And what a beautiful space it was! A smallish area of cabaret seating on the ground floor, then not just one, but two, balconies above with small tables and seating. We had several dressing rooms available for our use – predictably Karen and Debi commandeered the artistes dressing room – and the venue laid on a lovely luncheon for us. Another fabulously receptive audience and again lots of positive feedback. We will definitely be back at both venues in the future. A big thank you to Moira and her staff for looking after us so well.

We had to say goodbye to a few of the ladies after the concert, but a group of us had a lovely stroll round Caernarfon in the sunshine, then back to the hostel for an evening of, yes you’ve guessed it, more playing!! Possible future repertoire this time although, after imbibing a certain amount of wine during the course of the evening, our playing maybe wasn’t always of the highest standard!

We will be on a break now over Summer with our next rehearsal weekend scheduled for Cornwall in September. Two more concert weekends to come later in the year and there will be details of these on our website in due course.

Thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement. We love what we do and it is even nicer when you all seem to love it too!