Rushton 28-30th January 2022

We have now had four full rehearsal weekends – three last year and one last
weekend in Rushton, Northamptonshire – and are ready to go public again!!
We are so excited!! We have missed performing and meeting to you all, chatting
to you and serving up teas and coffees. But that is all about to change – fingers
We will be in Youlgreave the weekend of 12th-13th March and will be holding a gig
on the Saturday night and another on the Sunday afternoon. Hopefully this will
spread the numbers out a bit so that you will all be able to feel confident about
coming to one of our gigs. All the measures we are taking to keep you safe from
Covid are available on our website and they will be available at the venue as well,
so hopefully all our regulars will feel safe and be happy to come. We have lots of
brand new repertoire for you, but there will be some of the old favourites in there
We will be holding a further concert in North Wales the weekend of the 21st-22nd
May and – again hopefully – two more concert weekends in the Autumn. We will
put the dates out for these as soon as they finalised. It seems such a long time since
we were able to give a public performance and we have missed you all! So put these
dates in your diary and we look forward to welcoming you all back!