Jacky played the piano as a child and also had an 8 bass accordion but only started playing seriously when, after moving to Priddy in Somerset, she discovered that a folk session happened in her local pub, The Hunters’ Lodge Inn, every Tuesday night. She learned to play tunes by ear and never looked back. She had a Russian accordion in those days which was brought back from Moscow by her partner Bevis, who bought it with his hard earned roubles. After a few years Jacky bought a 3 voice Galotta made in the GDR and started playing for ceilidhs in The Backroom Band, which was largely made up of musicians from the backroom of the pub. Jacky loved her Galotta but hankered after a 4 voice box so she could have a musette tuning. Jacky passed her Galotta on to her eldest son when she found a second hand Guiletti, her first Italian box. Jacky currently plays a 96 bass, 4 voice Bourcini which she thinks will be her last box because it can’t be improved on. Now her 4 children have grown up and she has retired from teaching she again plays in the Hunters’ Lodge Inn every Tuesday night. The Backroom Band has gone through lots of changes in its line-up, including Jacky’s 4 children when they were teenagers. Jacky and Chris, the fiddler are the only original members with Bevis, their caller and it is still in demand as a Ceilidh band. The band can also be found playing for the locals in the Ring o Bells in Compton Martin, Somerset on the first Thursday of each month. Since retiring Jacky and Bevis have been developing a smallholding in the Mendips and so live with their 2 dogs, 20 chickens and 10 sheep.