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The No 1 Ladies Accordion Orchestra

The No 1 Ladies Accordion Orchestra  was founded by accordion queen Tweed in 2010, bringing together passionate accordion players from all corners of the UK, with a shifting line-up of up to sixteen performers.

This all-squeezing, cake-loving, tea-drinking band of lovely talented ladies has enthralled audiences across the country, in village halls, ballrooms, festivals, fetes, parties, piers and pavilions. With the unexpected sounds of multiple accordions played with sensitivity, versatility and a unique style of charming idiosyncrasy, many an accordion-phobe has been made to think twice!

In November 2013, Karen Tweed made the decision to leave her Ladies. This was very sad for all concerned but moving on the Orchestra took some direction from the well-loved Paul Hutchinson for the next year or so until, towards the end of 2014, the Orchestra met and enlisted the services of Jane Ward. With a new Leading Lady waving the baton the No 1 LAO has begun a new journey. The repertoire may have changed but still an afternoon or evening in the company of the No 1 Ladies offers the delights of tea and tangos, hats and hornpipes, bellows and biscuits, jam and jigs!  An orchestra, the likes of which has never been seen or heard before, promising fun, frocks and frolics, with a delicious recipe of musical treats to make your hearts sing and bring a smile to your face.